“Float” each panel is: “floating” 4” off the surface of the wall, painted & then flocked w/ a water image, & enhanced w/ fiber optics. The wires are painted to match the surface & drip (& pool) into a puddle beneath. “Waterfall” (R) fiber optic lights travel in a downward pattern. “Tsunami” (L) is connected to a boom box playing surf music. The tsunami wave crest illumination brightens w/ the music’s crescendo. “Ballerina Brine” (see info w/ image).


“Ballerina Brine”, mixed medium, 24 x 24”

“Ballerina Brine” is comprised of 2 layers: The 1st layer is a poplar panel, painted & flocked in pink, with a river surface image. This layer has fiber optic threads poking through in relation to the glimmer of sunlight on a water surface. The second layer is a clear acrylic panel (same size, fixed 1” from the 1st layer). The surface is flocked in the same pink image as the 1st layer. As the viewer’s perspective shifts, the image transforms –overlapping, revealing, & concealing. It references the multi layered transparency, reflection, & fractal formations within a stream of water.

Ballerina Brine

“Ballerina Brine”, detail.

Ballerina Brine