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The Squirrelly Girls came about in my first year of grad school at VCU. Ginnie Baer, Melanie Christian & I were looking for a creative outlet that was not weighed down in academic, “gallery-driven”, elitism. We decided to make “Floats” & throw a parade in the school hallways. The response was enthusiastic (read: everyone had a good time & wanted more). The concept has evolved through the years, but we continue to lean more towards “throwing an art party” than curating the sort of exhibit associated with a Chelsea gallery diva.

I usually choose a theme, sometimes a color, select people to create “food-as-art”, gather people together for some kind of performance (music, performance art, etc.), & invite artists to participate. When the Squirrelly Girls are gathered together for the day of the exhibit/party -we are never quite certain what the outcome will be. Melanie has described it as “Like waking up on Christmas morning, & finding all those presents under the tree”. It usually works as a very cohesive whole, because of the theme & color guidelines.

When exhibits travel out of town, I put someone else (there) in charge of getting it together; & it takes on a new life. “Supercell” traveled from Richmond, VA to Columbus, OH; where Ginnie took care of securing a gallery & all the other necessary details. When the exhibit traveled on to Wichita, KS; Kristin Beal-Degrandmont took charge & even organized a very fabulous “Art Pride Parade”.

The images here only represent a limited view of what the event really “was”.
You have to be there to experience it.

*If you are interested in participating in a future SG event,
or have a space you’d like us to invade; please contact me.