motel art

My artist friend Kirsten Kindler often collaborates on artwork with me.
Exhibiting these elaborate installations often requires road trips & overnights in motel rooms (with lots of art debris on hand). After an exhausting week at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (Grand Rapids, MI), Kirsten & I celebrated (back in our motel room) by drinking wine & champagne. While drinking & chatting, we each instinctively began assembling/arranging/manipulating debris around us. We documented this “accident” & made a decision to create an installation in every motel we stayed in on each trip.

We do try to locate tacky motor inns, or places with a lot of flair (it’s inspiring).
We thought it would be fun to create “critique comment cards” to leave for the maids (who were handsomely tipped, by the way); similar to those that are placed in motel rooms for us to fill out (rating the motel & their service). Our cards were stamped, self-addressed, & included some wonderful/interesting questions.
We have never received one back! What a shame, it would have made a nice addition to our documentation.

Kirsten & I prepare some elements ahead of time, separate from each other, not knowing what the other will contribute. The only “plan” is a designated bakery item & a corresponding color choice.
Sometimes we pick up items in thrift stores/dollar stores along the way to our destination. Our process is an effortless joy, & we often end up giggling & laughing so hard that we are spraying wine out of our noses.